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5 pcs Nesting Ceramic Bakeware Set

• Smooth rounded bowl-lift professional design Ideal for heavy loads/use and easy to clean

• 6.9 L stainless steel bowl Easily handles very large quantities of food

• 1.3 HP high efficiency motor with direct drive Quiet and powerful

• Full metal body construction, high precision metal gears and metal control knobs
Stable, quiet and durable

• Extremely robust standard accessories
Durable and dishwasher-safe

• Original planetary action
Fast and thorough mixing

• Single multipurpose attachment hub
A wide choice of optional attachments available
Versatile and easy to use

Horsepower is the peak output power of a motor, measured with a dynamometer, a machine laboratories routinely use to measure the mechanical power of motors. Wattage is the average electricity consumption of an electrical appliance over a period of time. Therefore, wattage measures the energy consumption of an appliance, but does not reflect its motor power. KitchenAid 6,9 L Artisan Stand Mixer has a 1.3 horse-power motor, and an electricity consumption declaration of 500 Watts. This robust motor, guided by its new advanced motor control board and combined with the all-metal, high precision gear assembly allows for a maximum transmission of power to the attachment , offering an exceptional mixing power in the bowl. Simply put, our new, highly efficient, special purpose motor delivers the power you need when you need© 2018. All rights reserved.
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